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At times, our own light goes out, and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us must think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within
us, us,us.........

all prints DO NOT have the Fine
Art America logo/stamp.

Welcome, from Sydney,Australia.
These are some of my life's artworks.
Art is my raison d'etre
Thank you for your interest.
My BIO reveals my soul.
My ART reveals my heart.
VIVA LA VIDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

VIVA creates her artwork based on her own unique thoughts,
and experiences, having travelled far and wide. Her works are
in the diverse styles of semi-abstract, abstract, realism, or
minimalism, depending on the subject to which she responds, and
in brilliant colour, ton sur ton, and in B/W - which she finds
answers and often clarifies her ideas. Art has been her passion
and solace over seven decades now, and she is fortunate to have
patrons at all levels of art collectors, internationally, because
her work is timeless.

GALLERIES - Please visit my Galleries, in order to view my
Collections - Thank you.

Golden Moment: 'Yours is the light by which my spirit's born..'
Thank you...amore.....

Testimonials from My Peers:
Golden Moment: 'Yours is the light by which my spirit's born..'
Thank you...amore.......more...........

Thank you, Jane.......'Viva, so many times I meet people who do not 'get' abstract art. When I view
your pieces I feel I wish they would just visit Viva Anderson's work with an open mind. '

'all your images cause us to think..'' ..Thank you........

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you
something else is the greatest accomplishment. You Mme Viv
show this so with your ART...' thank you,JP

'the beauty of your soul shines through your beautiful
words...' .Thank you...........

Thank you my friend Thomas..'..VIVA, I am charmed and glad to be
your friend for life. Besides being beautiful and radiant you are also
the most erudite artist on FAA!'

Re: Warp Weft........'Without question this belongs in a museum.
It is artistic splendor at its best!' Thank you TM, very much.

'VIVA, You are not only a Brilliant Artist but also a very wise Woman. '
Thank you...........

'Vivian, you are the best thing that's happened to me on FAA. I've always
enjoyed your art and it has heavily influenced my own style
or the style I want to master. Thank you for allowing that. '..
Thank you, lovely Lisa.

' Thank you so much for your spirit. It is worth the pain of
working and sharing our works with you.' Thank you...

Colette quote,says it all, for me.
“I love my past. I love my present.
I'm not ashamed of what I've had,
and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.”
― Colette, 'Chéri'

'Your understanding of composition and your subject is
very honed and shows a deep talent,,,,,,bravo''
Thank you.........

'I am in love with your abstracts. They are stunning... Creative and
breathtaking series. '...............thank you, M.

'' VIVA, this is a wonderful, inteligent and kind comment !!!
I thank you so much and congratulate you for such a fantastic analysis of my work here.'
Thank you.............

'Love like you've never been hurt,
Laugh as much as you can,
Sing like no one is listening ,
Dance like no one's watching,
Bind yourself to those who can encourage you,
Feel as though you've never felt before,
Be who you were meant to be,
Be you ,
Be wild, be true ..
Dare to be different,
Dare to stand out,
Dare to be yourself !''

Krazy Rae

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved,
how gently you lived, and, how gracefully you let go of
things not meant for you. (the last being the most difficult)..


''Paint is paint;
it is the hand that guides the brush that matters. ''
All artwork in this collection of my works is the original artwork of VIVA Anderson, unless stated otherwise.
All Rights Reserved. All artworks are copyrighted to VIVA Anderson, and, as such are protected by US and International Copyright laws.
Via New York,Toronto,Philadelphia,


Golden Glow Abstract Square by VIVA Anderson


Goodbye Donald by VIVA Anderson


Pebbles Memories by VIVA Anderson


Joe's Lefthanded Cup by VIVA Anderson


Outrageous Exterior by VIVA Anderson


Outrageous Piazza by VIVA Anderson


Outrageous Interior by VIVA Anderson


Angels Praying by VIVA Anderson


Clouds and the City 9Eleven by VIVA Anderson


Pinstripe Pots by VIVA Anderson


My Heart's On Fire by VIVA Anderson


Vessels Blue by VIVA Anderson


SEEDS by VIVA Anderson


Hot August Night by VIVA Anderson


Robins Nest by VIVA Anderson


Rural Landscape 6 by VIVA Anderson


Warp Weft - Progress by VIVA Anderson






Springtime by VIVA Anderson


Winter Wonderland by VIVA Anderson


Once In A Blue Moon by VIVA Anderson


My Solace Is That I Do Not Lie by VIVA Anderson


Tree In Winter by VIVA Anderson


Above Our Cloud OMG by VIVA Anderson


The Wolf Knows NFS by VIVA Anderson


Our Cloud Sunset 12-08 by VIVA Anderson


Apres le bain by VIVA Anderson


Lily's Progress by VIVA Anderson


Untitled 7 by VIVA Anderson


Every Word by VIVA Anderson


Silver Threads - Self portrait by VIVA Anderson


Old Garden Dry Wall by VIVA Anderson


FURIOUS by VIVA Anderson


Pine Cones by VIVA Anderson


Pine Cone Brilliance by VIVA Anderson


4-09-17-1BW by VIVA Anderson


Je T'AIME A La FOLIE by VIVA Anderson


Lilies Original Drawing by VIVA Anderson


Do Not Weep by VIVA Anderson


My Boots by VIVA Anderson


Dissimulation b-w by VIVA Anderson


Mums At Midnight by VIVA Anderson


Love Nest by VIVA Anderson


Published by VIVA Anderson


My Violin 2 by VIVA Anderson


My Hyper Violin 2 by VIVA Anderson


Smile - Cheeky by VIVA Anderson